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A dedicated and motivated team that strives to provide excellent care and personalized services to our clients

Our Story

B&W Limo was formed in 2008, based on the market demand for transportation services in the greater Los Angeles area. Our executive team was fully immersed in the hospitality industry, so we combined our years of service experience to provide transport services in a much needed market. Since our inception, our goal was to provide the best experience we possibly could for our customers. This began with a couple of hotels in the Brentwood community. Within months, we were able to expand those services to group transportation and airport transportation in Beverly Hills. We then expanded our operation to include corporate transportation in areas such as Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and Encino!

Our focus is to offer our clients a platform where they will be able to have easy access to ground transportation services anywhere. As we continue to expand our ground transportation platform globally, by using the latest technology, we will strive to keep the cost of our service competitive while we do our best to provide high quality customer service. B&W Limo will also focus our efforts on global expansion and increasing the market share in key cities e.g. San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Miami, Orlando, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Washington, Las Vegas, Indianapolis and more.


Our travel ambassadors

Our success and growth has depended on the quality and reliability of our personalized service. We have since developed our service procedures with a focus on “attention to detail” in order to help improve on our execution and delivery. This has promoted our latest quest to continue our growth process beyond the greater Los Angeles area! We have, and continue to search far and wide to provide the same type of service to our customers no matter where they travel! We are making a consorted effort to align ourselves with affiliates throughout the US any many countries abroad, so that our customers feel like they are at home no matter where they may be.

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