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Every event begins with a vision! The unique aspect of our business is that we are fortunate to be able to help YOU bring your vision to life. Transportation is one of those essentials whose importance becomes very obvious when something goes wrong. By addressing your needs early in the planning process, we do our best to make sure the road to romance is smooth and clear. This will allow you to focus on celebrating love and creating memories.
A preferred partner of leading hotels and wedding venues, we’re trusted for our exceptional service and attention to detail. We’ll take the pressure off your bridal party so you can enjoy your special day.

The venue may also present some challenges that will determine the type of vehicles that can be used for your special day. Some roads have restrictions and larger vehicles are not able to do the job at the service level that is required. Our team will provide you with options based on the size of the group and the distance to the venue  and the pickup location.

Our team operates with the latest GPS technology to give accurate travel times and inform our clients about possible delays. Our goal is to make sure everyone will arrive on time based on your wedding timeline.


Knowing how many guests you need to transfer is key to ensure a smooth transportation experience for all guests. Head count is key. We recommend that once you believe you have the final count, add 10 more! This is a method we think helps to eliminate the probability of anyone getting left behind. If there are multiple pickup locations, we recommend getting a head count at each location and assigning one person at each location to be the point of contact. Having an accurate head count also keeps your cost down! This allows our team to help you build a package that provides you with the service you want at the cost you were hoping for.

We offer a diverse fleet. To learn more about our fleet options please click here.
Please note vehicles that transport 20 passengers or more come with a 5 hours minimum. For the bride and groom we always can accommodate special request from a vintage 1959 Rolls Royce to the latest edition of a luxury or sport car. Our team will help bring your vision to life!

We understand the overall cost of a wedding. Based on your needs and location, our team will provide estimates for multiple vehicle options and make the necessary recommendations to help save cost.

Wedding timelines are very important. We will make every effort to inform you if the requested timing is not within range due to location or traffic conditions. Our team will always make the recommendation on the ground execution. We will share with you our expertise along to way to ensure a stress free experience.

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LOADING TIME – We encourage our clients to take in consideration the loading time, especially for large buses. On average we recommend to include 15-20 minutes for loading time.

Celebrating your special day and enjoying every moment of your wedding experience is very important to us. We will work very closely with your wedding coordinator to enhance your vision.  If YOU are your wedding coordinator, then we look forward to making sure things go as planned.  **WEDDING TIP**  once you have done all the work of design and preparation, we suggest that you assign one task to each important and helpful member attending your ceremony. By putting a person in charge of ONE item of the ceremony, it helps them to feel involved and hopefully it will eliminate your concern regarding the item during the ceremony!

Your guests will appreciate you offering transportation services. Our team can put together a transportation schedule and prepare a handout for your guests. Keeping everyone informed of the transportation schedule will help you and us staying on schedule.

CONTACT US – Connect with our team to discuss your event needs.